1. One photo.

  2. A valid passport.

Handling Duration

It usually takes 2 days to grant a visa. An express visa can be granted within 4 hours.


120 sFr for a multiple-entry visa with a validity of three months.


Using the Application Form: Gambia - Visa Application, Antragsformular Visum, Demande De Visa, Richiesta Di Un Visa.doc

The applicant shall:

  1. Complete it carefully, then save the Microsoft Word file.

  2. Email the saved ms-word file to our Administration, then print it and sign it.

  3. Deliver the signed visa application among the above requirements and fees to the Consulate.

Good to Know

  1. Bullet Gambia - Infoblatt.doc

  2. Bullet Gambie - Conseils aux voyageurs.doc

  3. Bullet Gambia - le informazioni principali.doc

The Consulate shall assist and provide visa applicants with further information on acquiring a visa and further on how to plan their trips to The Gambia. Our partner Tourism Site provides a joyful overview of the Gambia.